Publishing Fujifilm photographers
Picture by  Joshua Earle  on Unsplash

Picture by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

The contest is over!
Discover the 10 winners
We're teaming up with Unsplash (the third largest photography website in the world) for a contest open to all photographers (not just Fujifilm users).
You have until the 27 May at midnight EST to submit your best image(s) in the following themes. (You may enter photos for all three themes)
"Free", "Light", "Feeling small"
Ten lucky winners will be selected to have their images published on the Unsplash homepage and on Fujifeed.

Featured photos on Unsplash are seen more times than if they were published on the front page of the New York Times or on the cover of Time magazine.

We'll also publish those ten images on both our Instagram accounts (@Fujifeed and @Unsplash).
All winners will also receive a prize and the top three (one for each of the three themes) will get an extra prize from Hyperion camera straps.
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All photos must be submitted by midnight eastern standard time, May 27.

All photos must comply with the Unsplash Photo Submission Guideline. All photos on Unsplash are licensed under the Unsplash License which means they can be used under a Creative Commons licence (CC0).

After your photo is submitted to Unsplash, it will be reviewed for approval by the Unsplash Editorial team, based on the guidelines above.

The Unsplash Editorial team, with the help of Fujifeed founder, Samuel Zeller, will select 10 featured photos from that collection. If your photo is selected, you’ll be notified by email and your photo will be shown and credited on Fujifeed and Unsplash.