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Hyperion camera strap - Hand strap

Hyperion camera strap - Hand strap


Hyperion Handmade Camera Straps started as a personal DIY project to make affordable yet durable,  practical and pretty straps for my cameras.

One friend after another started asking me to make one for them too and so it started. 

Many people asked me why I sell so low. My answer is because I was fed up with the prices of similar products and because my goal is to have happy customers coming back for more.

Pavlos Koutsoukos (@hyperion_camera_straps)


First choose the strap color you want and then the color of the bindings.

Shipping cost is included in the price
A tracking number is provided
Delivery time from order is 3 business weeks (21 days)

Strap color:
Bindings color:
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