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Holzgriff - Wooden grip

Holzgriff - Wooden grip


Holzgriff’s aim is to optimize the experience of using your camera and providing a more natural feel. Our grips allow the photographer to hold the camera properly; if you have your camera in a steady grip, you are more able to react quickly and adapt to different situations. The grip also allows you to work comfortably, with your camera, over a longer period of time.

Christoph, designer of Holzgriff (@holzgriff.ch)

Product details:

Each grip is a unique item. They are first CNC milled and then processed by hand to guarantee the highest finish quality.

Our grips are treated with a specialized oil and therefore the wood is able to breathe; the wood is able to absorb sweat and keep its grip. In cold areas, wood is an ideal insulation against the cold metal camera body, this provides a more organic experience for the photographer.

The product is entirely made in Switzerland using local wood (FSC label).

Note: This product is only available in Europe
For all other countries please contact Holzgriff directly
Shipping cost is included in the price and a tracking number is provided
Delivery time from order is 3 business weeks (21 days)

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