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Artisan Obscura - Soft release & hot shoe cover kit

Artisan Obscura - Soft release & hot shoe cover kit


The idea for Artisan Obscura came in the midst of a conversation while on a road trip taking about passion and picture making. (Co-owner) Steve Stanton being a woodworker himself was in love with all things wood, while (co-owner) Preston Utley was addicted to all things camera. As they drove, rough ideas started to form around what the merging of these two passions would look like.

Why use a soft release button and hot shoe cover?

By using a soft shutter release button you increase your precision, the trigger because more like an extension of your thumb. Also in the winter it allows you to shoot wearing gloves. Hot shoe covers are not only a stylish accessories, they're also more robust and will stay in place and protect your flash electronic connection (unlike the default plastic ones who tend to slip away and get lost)

Product details:

Each soft release and hot shoe are a unique item. Every species of wood has its own color, character, imperfections and age. We utilize responsibly sourced wood and keep our footprint small. Scroll down to read more about our woods.

How to videos:

How to use our O-rings (threaded shutter)
How to apply our sticky buttons (non-threaded shutter)

Delivery time from order is 3 business weeks (21 days)

Wood type:
Size and shape:
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Types of wood

Desert Ironwood

It is one of the densest and most stable woods known. It is so dense that it will not float in water, and so hard that it has been used for bearings. It's hardness and color variety means it yeilds extremely attractive appearance and finishes beautifully. It's color range is deep chocolate-brown, almost black, mottled with yellowish-red it has a fine even texture and excellent natural luster. Every single peice of Desert Ironwood is totally unique, your button will be absolutely one of a kind!

Walnut wood

Figured Walnut is a beautiful wood that is in high demand and short supply, but can be harvested responsibly. It is wonderfully dense and finishes well. We chose the select "figured" parts of the walnut tree as it adds a subtle shimmer, like a little wink, when adorning your camera

Ivory wood

Ivorywood, commonly known as Pink Ivory, is an exotic wood native to Southern Africa and is one of the most rare and beautiful woods in the world. It is a very hard wood, strong and stiff, with a fine texture. It's natural subtle pink tone will deepen with age, integrating colors ranging from soft yellows to rich reddish browns. 

Wild olive wood

Because of the Olive Tree fruit’s economic importance, Olive trees are seldom available in lumber form, with orchard trees tending to be much smaller in size than those found in the wild. Woodworking pieces stem from the larger wild speicies of Olive. It's heartwood is a cream or yellowish brown, with darker brown or black contrasting streaks. Color tends to deepen with age.