Unsplash x Fujifeed contest winners

Unsplash x Fujifeed contest winners
We recently teamed up with Unsplash (the third largest photography website in the world) for a contest open to all photographers. After a long day of looking at more than 1000 images the Unsplash editorial team and photographer Samuel Zeller picked the 10 winners of the three themes: "Free", "Light" and "Feeling small".

Theme "Free"

1st place:
Tim Foster - Link to the image

There's nothing quite like camping to feel free, outside of the stress of town and under the stars. We selected this image for the sense of freedom it evoke and for it good composition.


Runner up:
Philipp Kämmerer - Link to the image

No wonder why we call it free-riding! Being in the middle of the mountains, feeling the wind on your face and speeding up in the snow is exhilarating. There's a beautiful curve created in this image, we selected it also because of it's strong aesthetic.


Runner up:
Evren Aydin - Link to the image

We selected this image because of it's interesting composition and the way it depicts being free. Sailing and getting in the middle of the sea provides a great sense of freedom. It also evoke vacations, youth and good memories.


Theme "Light"

1st place:
Nathan Anderson - Link to the image

There's no light without shadows, this image perfectly illustrate that. We selected it because of it's great aesthetic quality. It is a minimalistic representation of light.


Runner up:
Mickael Tournier - Link to the image

Light helps discerning the subject, it creates an atmosphere. We selected this image because it's simply a beautiful catch with a perfect light.


Runner up:
Joshua K. Jackson - Link to the image

Without light, there wouldn't be any colors. Joshua show us that light can become a subject in itself. Here the neon lights of London are reflected and refracted, creating an intricate play.


Runner up:
Luke Braswell - Link to the image

Good light is crucial to photography, and this portrait perfectly resume that. It is lit very simply, probably with just one source. Black and white is a celebration of light in itself, by removing the colors you focus on the shapes, the subject and the quality of the light.


Theme "Feeling small"


1st place:
Evan Kirby - Link to the image

We really liked the sense of humor and creativity of Evan picture. By showing us a comically-tiny palm tree like plant he show us what "feeling small" can be like.


Runner up:
Titus Aparici - Link to the image

Walking in the desert in silence is a life changing experience, it makes us think about ourselves and how small we can be in this world. We really enjoyed the pastel color palette of this image.


Runner up:
Matt Mck - Link to the image

At last but not least, an image that we couldn't ignore. There's moments in life where we feel small or insignificant. But with the right person, we can live moments that are bigger than everything, space included!


Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who participated in this contest, we were literally overwhelmed by the number and quality of the submissions. It wasn't easy to pick only 10! Using the button below you can discover the rest of the entries.
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