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Fujifilm Fujinon XF56mm F1.2 R

TBD. This lens was released in January 2014.

Focal length 56mm (85mm) - Angle of view 28.5°
Aperture F1.2 to F16 - 7 blades (rounded diaphragm)
Focus range Normal 0.7m to ∞ - Macro 0.7m to 3m
Size/weight ø73.2mm x 69.7mm - 405g
Filter size ø62mm

Reviews from Fujifilm photographers

"I use the 56mm lens exclusively for street photography. It's generally considered more of a portrait lens, but I really enjoying bringing compression found with a longer focal length into my street work - it's especially effective on scenes with layers. The image quality, colour rendition and bokeh continues to impress me every time I use this lens."

"As someone who has a particular love for compression and bokeh, the XF56mm was a clear choice from the outset. I still recall the first day of using the lens and being completely astonished by the images I was seeing. It's very deserving of all the praise it has received in reviews. With it's sharpness, beautiful handling of out of focus areas and compression effect, it's quite easily my favourite lens from Fujifilm."

"The 56mm is my go-to lens for street. I love the versatility of this fantastic prime and the quality is outstanding. It’s incredibly sharp and fast, and the bokeh is beautiful."