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Fujifilm Fujinon XF23mm F2 R WR

A newer version of the 23mm F1.4, weather sealed and lighter. A versatile lens equivalent to a 35mm on a full-frame sensor. It has a super fast focus, one of the fastest of the XF range. It's compact and produce sharp images and nice colors. It's more affordable than the F1.4 version. Perfect as a vacation, lifestyle, portrait or street photography lens. This lens was released in September 2016.

Focal length 23mm (35mm) - Angle of view 63.4°
Aperture F2 to F16 - 9 blades (rounded diaphragm)
Focus range 22cm to ∞
Size/weight ø60.0mm x 51.9mm - 180g
Filter size ø43mm

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