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Fujifeed is an online magazine, a community and an online gallery made for Fujifilm photographers. We publish high quality and original content on a regular basis as well as new images daily on our Instagram account.

Fujifeed has a very large and targeted audience, making it a perfect fit for sponsors working in the photography business. Here's some of our recent analytics from our website and from our main Instagram account.

Website (fujifeed.com)

~20'000 Visitors per month (70% are between 25-45yr)

Locations - 50% USA, 9% UK, 8% CAN, 4% GER, 3.5% AUS

1330+ Newsletter subscribers (~60% open / ~20% clic)

Instagram (@Fujifeed)

180'000+ Impressions per week

28'000+ Reach per week

32'500+ Followers (~3100 new per month)

540'000+ Medias under the #fujifeed hashtag (~3000 new per day)

2700-4500 Impressions per stories (2500-3500 reach per stories)

Other channels

3200+ Facebook page fans

900+ Twitter followers

Working with Fujifeed

We're looking for brands who make high quality accessories and photographic gear, developers of photo-editing software, photographers who sell presets/workshops/tutorials/books.

We offer sponsored articles, advertorial, sponsored links, affiliate links, newsletter sponsored content and Instagram advertorial.

We're open to any kind of collaboration. If you are interested in working with us please use the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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