Work with Fujifeed


Fujifeed has a very large and targeted audience, making it a perfect fit for brands or individuals working in the photography business who want to increase their reach to photographers worldwide.

The Fujifeed website

~20'000 Visitors per month (70% are between 25-45yr)
Long average session duration, good bounce rate
Locations: 50% USA, 9% UK, 8% CAN

@Fujifeed on Instagram

270'000+ Impressions per week / 28'000+ Reach per week
35'700+ Followers (~2500 new per month)
680'000+ Medias under #fujifeed (~2000 new per day)
3000-3500 views per stories (during their 24h lifespan)

Other channels

6800+ Facebook page fans
1100+ Twitter followers
1400+ Newsletter subscribers
900+ Photographers on Slack

We're looking for brands who make high quality accessories and photographic gear, developers of photo-editing software, printing/framing companies, photographers who sell presets, workshops, tutorials and books.

We can offer sponsored articles, advertorial, sponsored links, affiliate links, newsletter sponsored content and Instagram advertorial.

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