Fujifeed magazine reveals the story behind the lens. Discovering, publishing and connecting talented Fujifilm photographers around the world.

Most of our material is on Instagram under the @Fujifeed account where we post new images daily and the #fujifeed hashtag (400'000+ posts under the tag).

This website is dedicated for in-depth interviews of photographers and articles (you can submit your work here). It is ad-free and entirely funded by generous individuals and small sponsors via Patreon.

Fujifeed is a project made by Samuel Zeller, a Swiss Fujifilm X-Photographer. It is not affiliated to Fujifilm Holdings Corporation, or sponsored by Fujifilm.

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Fujifeed audience

Fujifeed has a very broad but targeted audience, making it a perfect fit for sponsors working in the photography business. Here's some of our recent analytics from this website and our Instagram account.

20'000 Monthly unique visitors (70% are between 25-45yr)

23'000 Instagram followers (~3000 per month)

425'000+ Posts under the #fujifeed hashtag (~1700 per day)

20% Engagement rate on Instagram (1 on 5 interact on average)

2400+ Impressions per Instagram stories (2000+ reach)

1000+ Subscribers to our newsletter (~60% open / ~20% clic)

If you'd like to collaborate with us on sponsored content, editorial advertising or product reviews we'd be very happy to work with your brand (you can email us here).